About US

KegsAndEggs.com has been around supplying fun, social, and early drinking events since 2012, and each year the tradition grows more and more. When it comes to organizing the ultimate beer and breakfast event, we got it all covered. Known around college campuses for years, Kegs and Eggs is an event that makes sure that you have not only a great time, but also that you set the tone for the rest of the day’s festivities. Our goal is to provide a fun, social environment where customers can get the day started the right way, with a cold beer and a good meal.
The Kegs and Eggs tradition has taken some hits due to bad experiences in college towns like Albany in the past. That is why we are here to bring structure to the phenomenon that we love so much. The experience of waking up and partying the way most people party at night is something everyone should experience. There is so much versatility in this event because whether you want to watch your favorite football team, party at your college, or kick off a big holiday, there is always a reason for a beer and breakfast event to start you off right. We appreciate all the love and support from people nationwide helping us grow and build Kegs and Eggs into what it is today.

If you are looking for the best Kegs and Eggs events near you or are trying to promote your own, well, that’s where we come in.
Each one of our events is produced with our customers in mind. We aim for everyone to have a great time and looking forward to the next one !

So join us. Keep the tradition growing. Buy tickets, browse events, or partner with us to post and promote your very own event. Cheers !