Welcome To Kegs and Eggs

Through out the year, there are events and holidays that cause for early celebrations. Whether it is a St. Patrick’s Day parade or an early football game, there is cause for you to get to the bar and kickoff the festivities early. Consider us the pre-game to all big events near you. A Kegs and Eggs event is unlike what most are used to. What started at one college has grown into a nationwide phenomenon and it’s about time that you join the tradition!

At KegsandEggs.com, we focus on offering the best deals, prices and packages. We collaborate with the bars during big events, so you can get all your breakfast and beer needs in one place. There is nothing quite like a good old-fashioned American breakfast, sided by an ice cold beer. Kick off the day the right way. No matter where you are located, check in to see when the next Kegs And Eggs event is coming to a city near you. Grab your friends and come out to some of your areas best bars  for an event you won’t want to miss. Keep the tradition alive and growing because remember, if there’s a party, there’s a pre-game.